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The Old Testament prescribed the death penalty for the crimes of murder, attacking or cursing a parent, kidnapping, failure to confine a dangerous animal resulting in death, witchcraft and sorcery, sex with an animal, doing work on the Sabbath, incest, adultery, homosexual acts, prostitution by a priest's daughter, blasphemy, false prophecy, perjury in capital cases and false claim of a woman's virginity at the time of marriage. These are among the questions we are asked most often, and this article is the most frequently read Bible FAQ on our Website. This page translator works on Firefox,Opera, Chrome, and Safari browsers only.

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There were giants on the earth in those days—and also afterward—when the sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by them. It could only be the preincarnate Christ who exists with the Father and Holy Spirit eternally.

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And since this reality is the point we need to fix it with love. The bottom line is because of this drive they have they create and do all kinds of things, all kinds of good things, and indeed they are a blessing to the world as God intended them to be…….

They want innocent beautiful Christian girls to sleep around while preserving theirs! Let's turn to the anti-choice claim that life begins at conception, and that fetuses and embryos are persons—full and separate human beings with rights. But try using the Septuagint Ot verses the Hebrew OT, the later was cut up and added to so badly back in the 10th century, that seemingly enigmatic verses emerge- just confusing in their context.

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10 Of The Most Bizarre Bible Verses Ever

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  1. Why is it that if the church knew so much about communism, socialism, Zionism, and their connection, and indeed the harmful effects of usury to Christian society and who usually perpetrates it, that they havent been singing it from the rooftops.

  2. Whereas the law perfectly mimics obssessive compulsive disorder. Without "divine" moral standards as a base to build upon we wouldn't have come as far as we have.